GRUPACON sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw, Poland ( respects your right to privacy and uses suitable methods to ensure it.
This Privacy Policy explains how we use, collect and store information. By using the Website available at (“Website”), you agree to the terms and practices described in this Privacy Policy.

Any personal information you provide while using our Website is collected with due care and in compliance with current regulatory requirements. We respect your right to privacy and guarantee that all and any data provided by Website visitors will be suitably protected from interception by third parties.
Who Maintains Your Personal Information

Your personal information is maintained by GRUPACON sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw 00-112, ul. Bagno 2/185, Poland, registered under number 0000480077 in the Business Register of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for Warsaw, 12th Business Department of the National Court Register.
Types of Collected Information

While using the Website, you may be asked to provide some personal information, in particular by completing the registration form and providing additional user account data.
Information collected using the registration form includes: Forename, surname, email, and phone number. We also collect information about foreign language competencies and employment history.
While this information is provided voluntarily, it is necessary for the purposes of processing and performing tasks related to suggesting job offers and coordinating the recruitment process.
If you register using your Facebook account, we will ask you to allow our Website’s service to access the following information in the Facebook application: a) your basic personal information (first name, last name), and

b) your email and phone number. Your information may also be collected whenever you contact us by phone, email or traditional mail.
When completing the form, you may also agree to receive our email newsletter (electronic marketing information) to the email address you specify. You may withdraw your consent at any time.
The Website uses third-party ad retargeting systems from our marketing partners (including Facebook and Google) to optimise the quality of any ads you see. The purpose of this system is to ensure that ads are relevant to your interests. Ensuring the security of information entrusted to the Website is our top priority. Any data provided to these partners is fully anonymised and only used to improve the quality of delivered content.
The Website also uses cookies to gather additional, non-personally identifiable information. Cookies are used to ensure service quality, optimise content provided by the Website, and personalise the user experience, as well as to gather data for advertising purposes and statistical analysis. Data collected in this manner contains no personally identifiable information. For more information, see our Cookie Policy.

How We Use Collected Information
Any information we collect is used only for purposes explicitly agreed to by the user, which includes coordinating recruitment processes and providing job offers, registering and maintaining the user account, and contacting the user by email or phone.

Your Rights to the Personal Information We Collect
All information collected as described in this Privacy Policy is stored and processed in compliance with current regulatory requirements. At any time, you may access and correct your information, or withdraw your consent. To do so, please contact us.

Security and Privacy
We use all reasonable technical and organisational means to ensure that your personal information is secure and to protect it from accidental or deliberate destruction, accidental loss, modification, and unauthorised disclosure or access. Your information is stored and processed on highly secure servers in compliance with the security requirements specified by Polish law.
Please do not publicly disclose any personal information using our Website. You will be solely responsible for any such public disclosure.

The Website is our exclusive property. While we encourage our users to make full use of our Website’s functionality, we must also stress the importance of respecting intellectual property rights. We must therefore inform you that the Website includes copyrighted and proprietary documents, trademarks and other original content, including in particular copy, graphics, drawings, animations, audio content, and software. The Website layout and content selection are also inherently protected by copyright.
You agree to use the Website content delivered to you solely for personal purposes. Modifying, copying, transmitting, presenting in public or otherwise using this content for commercial purposes without obtaining prior written consent from us or another authorised party is strictly forbidden.
Changes to the Privacy Policy
The scope of Website services will expand with time. Technologies, standards, regulatory requirements and online business requirements may also change in the future. All this may require future amendments to the Website Privacy Policy. By using the Website following any such changes, you accept these amendments.

Final Provisions
By using the Website, you automatically accept the terms and conditions specified in this Privacy Policy.

Our Contact Information
You can find all necessary contact information in the “Contact us” section of the Website.

Cookie Policy
Cookies are small text files stored locally by your web browser. They contain information that is saved on your computer when you visit our Website. During any visit, this information is sent back to our Website (or an external site) and the specific cookie is recognised.
Cookies are useful because they allow our Website to recognise a returning user. We like to know your favourite Website categories so we can tailor our content and presentation to suit your personal requirements. Our users provide us with information which guides our development efforts to match their expectations.
Cookies cannot in any way damage your computer’s system or local files, nor can they be used to impact your system’s performance or functionality. Any identification is impersonal and involves no personal data, just information about how you interact with our Website.
For more information about cookies, see or your web browser’s Help section.
This Cookie Policy is an integral part of the Website’s Privacy Policy.

Why We Use Cookies
The Website uses Cookies to:

  • Provide services.
  • Tailor Website content to user preferences and optimise interactions with web pages, in particular by allowing the Website to recognise the device type and deliver content in a way best suited to user requirements.
  • Develop statistics to show actual Website usage patterns for the purpose of improving Website structure and content.
  • Serve ads that are relevant to the user’s location and unique needs and interests.
  • Ensure Website security and reliability.

Types of Cookies Used by the Website
The Website uses two basic types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: temporary files stored on the end device until the user logs out, navigates away from the Website or exits the web browser.
  • Persistent cookies: files stored on the end device for a period of time specified in the cookie’s parameters or until manually deleted by the user.

In terms of purpose, cookies used by the Website fall into the following categories:

  • Required cookies: files that are necessary for Website navigation and to provide full functionality. We do not require user consent to use such cookies.
  • Performance cookies: files used to gather Website usage information, including frequently visited pages and error messages. They contain no identifiable user information. They are used to improve Website performance.
  • Functionality cookies: files allowing the Website to remember any choices made by the user (e.g. user name, language, region) and deliver functionality tailored to individual needs (if available). For example, the Website may use such cookies to remember changes to the text size, font type and other customised aspects of the site. Information stored in such files is anonymous and is not used to track user activity in other websites.
  • Advertising cookies: files used to improve the relevance of ads delivered to the user. They may be used to gather information about browsing habits and tailor ad content to user interests.
  • Statistical cookies: files used to gather Website usage statistics.

Apart from our own cookies, we also use third-party cookies inserted by our partners via the Website, including in particular cookies for advertising and statistical purposes.
Any cookies stored on user end devices via our Website may also be used by our partners.

Cookie Management
Your browser is most likely configured to accept all cookies by default.
However, you can at any time change your cookie settings to specify exactly which cookies can be saved on your end device and access it. You can change these parameters in your web browser’s settings. Available options in your browser’s settings include in particular blocking all automatic cookie processing or prompting you every time a cookie is stored on your end device. For detailed information about available cookie management methods and features, please see your web browser’s settings.
If you don’t change any settings, cookies can be saved and stored on your end device, which means that we will save and access cookies on your end device.
At any time, you can delete some or all cookies, using functionality provided by your web browser.
Note that restricting cookie use may affect some of our Website’s functionality.

Links to Other Websites and External Services
This Privacy Policy does not apply to other websites or businesses whose contact information is provided through the Website.
We accept no responsibility for the privacy policies of the owners and operators of external domains and websites that may be accessible through links on our Website. Before you access a third-party website, please familiarise yourself with the relevant privacy documents.