GRUPACON is a Polish organisation that was founded in 2013, although our history and professional experience date back to the ‘90s.
We are active in Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands in the fields of Industrial Services, Outsourcing and Port Terminal Operator.

Our qualified workforce is deployed to work on our own projects, although they are also available for staffing contracts.

Our head office is located in Warsaw and we have eight branch offices, seven of which are located in Poland (Krakow, Gdansk, Opole, Katowice, Rzeszów, Koszalin, Slupsk and one support office for the Benelux located in the Netherlands (Dordrecht).

We employ 19,000 people.


GRUPACON is active in the following sectors:


  • Scaffolding construction
  • Insulation
  • Paintwork
  • Welding & pipework
  • Logistics & Production


  • Staffing & Secondment
  • Payrolling
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Training & Testing


  • Container and Trucks
  • Port workers, Stevedores & Operators
  • Loading & Unloading (Containers, Bulk and general cargo)
  • Planning
  • Storage of goods & assistance with customs processes


Service is what sets GRUPACON apart and we strive to confirm that fact every single day.

We operate in a spirit of cooperation with both our employees and our clients and we continuously strive to provide maximum added value for those who entrust us with their business.

We believe that, by taking part in professional partnerships with our employees and our clients, we can create an environment that results in optimal productivity and satisfaction.


Our primary focus is to provide the highest level of custom service through which we can offer our clients qualified employees who meet the requirements.

Providing superior service to our clients and coming up with creative staffing strategies.

Providing the highest level of personal service by entering into professional partnerships with both clients and employees.

Ensuring the best possible match with the help of detailed analyses and screening.

Our core values

We greatly value ethically responsible entrepreneurship and achieving results. Our General Policy, Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics allow everyone at GRUPACON to act in accordance with our core values and abide by all relevant laws and regulations.

Core values

Safety, we are conscious of our actions at all times to keep ourselves and our teams safe.
Honesty, we act in a reliable, loyal, honest and genuine manner.
Respect for others, we treat others with dignity and respect.
Our employees, we work together as part of a high-performance team and do what we promise.
Clients, we develop strong relationships and provide added value to our clients.
Excellence, we are always looking for ways to further improve our operations.
Sustainability, our decisions and actions are ethical, responsible and balanced to contribute to a healthy environment and to economic and social wellbeing for current and future generations.
Integrity, we act with integrity, energy and passion.

Our objectives

In order to realise our organisation’s vision, we have translated our general long-term guidelines into objectives.


Profitability, ensuring that our revenue continues to exceed our costs of doing business.
Productivity, providing our employees with all necessary means to remain as productive as possible.
Customer service, keeping our clients happy.
Employee retention, maintaining a productive and positive work environment for employees.
Change management, creating a dynamic organisation that is prepared to deal with the challenges of our market.
Marketing, developing professional partnerships that help our organisation increase its market share.


GRUPACON combines the best of two worlds: a unique range of solutions that meet our clients’ needs and the competitive advantage through cooperation with a dedicated supplier of experienced and qualified employees.

We support our clients by looking ahead at market trends and by customising our approach to recruitment. Our scope and international nature allow us to offer large numbers of skilled and well-trained employees.

We set ourselves apart through our experience, our desire to innovate, the fact that we are continuously developing and by stimulating our employees to realise their full potential.


  • Expertise in each of our sectors
  • Cost effective and innovative solutions
  • Flexibility in a market with a shortage of skilled labor
  • High standards of safety, health , environment and quality


Our responsibility covers five different areas. It is management’s duty to continuously weigh priorities against each other and – based on those considerations – to act in accordance with our inseparably bound together responsibilities.

a. Towards shareholders
Maintaining the capital invested by shareholders and providing returns that can compete with that of other leading organisations in the sector in the long term.

b. Towards clients
Recruiting and retaining clients by developing and providing safe and environmentally responsible services of high quality for a reasonable price, based on the necessary technical, environmental and commercial expertise.

c. Towards employees
Respecting the human rights of our employees, providing good and safe working conditions and offering competitive employment conditions. Stimulating the development and making optimal use of our employees’ talents; creating a work environment in which there is room for individual differences and in which everyone has equal opportunities to develop their skills and talents. Involving employees in the planning and the specific execution of their activities; providing ways to report any concerns someone may have. We are fully aware that professional success requires the full commitment of all employees.

d. Towards those we do business with
Striving to develop mutually beneficial relationships with contractors, suppliers and joint venture partners, as part of which the application of GRUPACON’s general policy guidelines or similar policy guidelines is to be stimulated. The opportunity to effectively stimulate these policy guidelines is an important factor in the decision of whether to engage in or continue such relationships.

e. Towards our society
Operating as a responsible member of society, abiding by applicable laws and regulations, supporting fundamental human rights insofar as that fits within the legitimate role of professional organisations and acting in accordance with standards of safety, health, wellbeing and environment.


GRUPACON Sp. z o.o. takes pride in its work, the professionalism of its employees and its excellent tradition when it comes to workplace safety. We want to prevent any and all harm or damage and therefore continuously strive to avoid accidents. We take this responsibility very seriously and we expect the same from anyone who works with or for us.

In preparing and executing the general company policy, management will consciously and fully account for the known and obvious regulations and legislation pertaining to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ).

Management is responsible for the organisation of the HSEQ policy. The proper operation and permanent evaluation as well as the maintenance and continuous improvement of the HSEQ system is an absolute priority. It is management’s belief that the HSEQ policy and system must be understood and put into practice at all levels of the organisation. The policy is intended to stimulate and maintain operating procedures and behaviour that help prevent bodily harm, work-related illnesses, material damage and damage to the environment. Furthermore, its quality and meeting the expectations of the involved parties are important aspects. The VCA/VCU manual describes the relevant procedures that can be used to give substance to this policy in a concrete manner. The goal is to meet the requirements of the VCA* v.2008/5.1. and VCU v.2011/05 standards.

Management believes that mentality is a key factor in this matter. It will therefore provide an active and involved policy with open and clear communication.

The following rules form the basis of the policy to achieve these goals:

  • There is an unconditional emphasis on respect for and the integrity of our fellow man.
  • Our business operations focus on quality, safety, health, wellbeing and care for our environment based on sustainability, equality and the latest technological developments
  • Quality, safety, health, wellbeing and the environment are integral parts of all discussions taking place within the organisation
  • The daily operations and any decisions to be made are tested against the aforementioned principles
  • All employees, regardless of their position, will be stimulated or trained as much as necessary to maintain and improve the management system for quality, safety, health, wellbeing and environment
  • The care for third parties

Without any limitations, the following quality and safety principles apply:

  • Harm and damage are to be prevented
  • A proper attitude towards safety is a condition of working for our organisation
  • If something cannot be done safely, it will not be done at all
  • Life-threatening actions are punishable by termination of employment
  • Safety and quality are to be continuously improved
  • Safety and quality are line responsibilities
  • Preventing harm is economically profitable
  • This policy statement is publicly available and will be revised every three years

Logistics & production

GRUPACON combines the best of two worlds:
We offer a unique range of solutions that meet the long-term needs of our clients. Furthermore, we have an advantage over our competitors by working together with a dedicated supplier of highly qualified employees who were trained in various countries. Our employees work on a variety of projects, e.g. industrial and engineering services, construction, production and logistics. We strive to offer our clients the best possible service, given that our clients form the core of all our business activities. GRUPACON allocates the most suitable skills and means to each project, without compromising the safety or quality of our operations. Because GRUPACON has access to a well-trained workforce, we can respond quickly to changing conditions or changes to clients’ needs.

Our approach

Deploying foreign employees in various European countries has become a strategic solution that offers our clients a clear competitive advantage. There is a large ongoing demand for employees with specialised technical skills, qualified industrial and engineering staff, logistical solutions and seasonal staffing employees. We assist our clients in finding staff with these specialist skillsets by keeping an eye on future market developments and by employing a custom recruitment strategy. Our employees meet the specific needs of the client in question and they have skills that are in high demand. This means they can offer added value and make a direct contribution to the optimal performance of an organisation or the optimal execution of a project.

Our scope and international opportunities allows us to deploy large numbers of highly skilled and well-trained technicians and offer the solutions our clients are looking for.

Our strenght

Our experience and our drive to innovate offer GRUPACON an added competitive advantage. We are continuously at work to develop our people and stimulate them to make optimal use of their opportunities. Our unrelenting desire to improve operating procedures helps us to deliver sustainable results.

GRUPACON’s logistical production employees have extensive professional experience. Our employees are 100% prepared to complete any job. We have a strong group of qualified and tested employees.

Our specialty lies in placing employees for short-term and large-scale projects. It is a fact that our clients can operate in an even more productive, efficient and cost-effective manner by making use of our professional workforce.

We are continuously at work to further improve our services and become the leading organisation in our sector.