GRUPACON  combines the best of two worlds :

providing a unique scope of solutions that meet our Customer’s long-term needs and the competitive advantage  of partnering with a committed supplier providing cross-border skilled and highly qualified labour.

We are  supplying our labour on a variation of projects from; industrial  and mechanical services, construction,  logistics, and production.

We are committed to promoting the highest standards of customer care, as the customer is at the centre of all of our business operations.

GRUPACON allocates the most appropriate skills and resources to each project, without compromising on safety or quality. The breadth and depth of skills, manpower available from GRUPACON, means we can respond quickly to changes in circumstance or demand.


GRUPACON has become one of the leading suppliers of scaffolders in Europe. We play a key role in supporting major players across a variety of industrial sectors where time, materials, productivity, and flexibility are the crucial factors in scaffold erection. Utilizing our technicians in alternative access services has proven to give our Clients an advantage in becoming more productive, efficient, with focus on cost containment. We specialize in industries such as: refineries, industrial buildings, renovations, special events, towers and much more.

All our scaffolders are fully trained and tested on modular scaffolding. The intense training program lasts two weeks, and technicians are prepared in teams.

Within the training program there is a specific focus on safety and quality of working to standards as they relate to our customers. Special emphasis is also placed on efficiency and productivity.


GRUPACON has a strong group of experienced Insulators working on long-term assignments, planned maintenance stops, as well as deployment to short-term projects. As a multi-disciplinary provider, we offer a complex solution with insulation works in a complete package, together with scaffolding and painting.

As with all our technicians, Insulators are not only tested by ourselves but also by a specialized partner, from whom they receive a certificate with a qualification of their experience and quality of work.

In order to fulfill our Client’s increasing demand for efficient and motivated Insulators we started a specialized training program. After our program, trainee insulators have the required basics and are put together with experienced insulators to develop their skills on the job. We are proud to say that this is a very successful program and highly appreciated by our clients.


The industrial painters of GRUPACON  have extensive experience with painting the entire piping or storage tanks as well as only the welding work. Our technicians are 100% trained to tackle any job. Whether it’s coating pipelines to help maintain their steady flow, or protective coatings that keep the marine industry afloat, or preventing corosion in power plants all over Europe, GRUPACON is a multi-certified industrial painting and coating contractor dedicated to quality, safety and efficiency.

We are specialized in large-scale industrial painting  and industrial applications. As a multi-service provider, we improve our performance continuously to become leader in the field.